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We mourn the passing of our friend but celebrate his life and our time with him. Ray Rich passed away on March 11, 2014 at the age of 90. The following is a quote from Pat Strnad that beautifully encompasses our adoration for Ray.

Ray wore many hats in his long career in hearing healthcare.  First of all he was a friend to all with a  quick smile and warm, melodious greetings and conversation. He was a lifelong advocate for those who needed help with their hearing and for the survival and health of the Ohio Hearing Aid Society.  Many of us were privileged to experience Ray as a mentor; he was a teacher at heart. As our greatest historian, Ray would eloquently travel back through the years, reminding us of our heritage, growth, challenges and triumphs. With these wonderful gifts, Ray had a remarkable way of motivating people, a true leader who made you want to pick up the torch and carry it. Ray was a joy to us. Perhaps when we have that challenging patient that does a 180, it's really Ray letting us know he is smiling down on us.”

Thank you for visiting the Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Ohio website!  This caring group of hearing healthcare professionals serves Ohioans of all ages.  We promote hearing healthcare including testing, counseling, and rehabilitation including the fitting of hearing aids.  Noise protection with musician earplugs as well as earplugs for noise protection whether needed for musical events, shooting sports or daily activities is another area served.  For more information, please contact us!

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  The Hearing Healthcare Alliance of Ohio is an association of licensed hearing instrument specialists and dispensing audiologists dedicated to providing quality hearing health care services to those experiencing communication difficulties caused by hearing loss.
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